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Jon hit a steel railway girder in his BMW 325 – read what happened next….

Phil from BMW Service told me this tale of woe today, but with a happy ending.  Jon, a long-time BMW customer of ours was driving up the freeway to Newcastle when he hit a steel railway girder.

This resulted in his tyes and rims having huge chunks taken out of them. Phil said to me, that if it was any other make of car or any other tyre, there is no doubt in his mind that this would have been a fatal accident,  let alone be able to keep driving.

Jon collected himself, called us to let us know what had happend and turned around back to Sydney on his run flat tyres – if he didn’t have run-flats he would have been stranded until a tow could be arranged.

Getting back to the dealership we surveyed the damage, the girder did a good job but not enough to stop the run flats from working, the poor rims has a big chunck taken out of each – Jon then gleefully tells me he is so glad he took out BMW Tyre & Rim Insurance, with Hugh Laird one of our business managers. I’m not happy this  happened to Jon, but  I am so glad that  he is covered.

Up onto the hoist, an hour later 2 new rims, 2 new tyres, and a much happier Jon. Back on the road again, only a couple hours behind schedule, and not out of pocket. If he didn’t have tyre and rim, he would have had no cover, and would have been looking at a huge bill.

Phil said that he would have a tale similar to this most weeks.

Women on Wheels night

Col Crawford was thrilled to host a free community service event – Women on Wheels. Designed to be an empowering even, it gave attendees a better understanding of how cars work and some tricks of the trade to help if they do get into trouble one day, for instance through a dead battery or flat tyre.