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Col Crawford’s is launching our ‘WE’ Brand Campaign.

Col Crawfords is launching our ‘We’ Brand Campaign.

We, is Col Crawfords, the entire company and all of its staff. We is us, as well as the broader Crawford family and therefore touches on our community and the Northern Beaches.

We have been looking after the motoring needs of the Northern Beaches community for over 50 years. We don’t believe there is another car dealership on the Northern Beaches like Col Crawfords. We are very proud of who we are, what we stand for and what we have achieved. Our We Brand Campaign reflects on our history, touches on “the now” and announces the future.  We know that there is little difference in product and price these days and everything is so competitive. The real difference for the consumer is the brand and culture of the business and that the best customer experience is delivered.

We have 3 locations, Brookvale, Narrabeen and Mona Vale. We have 8 leading brands and sell over 5,000 cars a year.

We will be the first car dealership on the Northern Beaches to seriously get behind Electric Vehicles, giving our customers a choice of product and also assisting them to address their domestic power solutions at the same time.

We remain very proud of our past and who we are today. We continue to invest in our people, facilities and technology, so we are geared for tomorrow.  We will always value and respect the origins of the business and the core values that have been its foundations for over 5 decades.  But importantly we understand that what will drive you tomorrow will be different from today.

We have. We do. We will be here to look after you in every way. We is a commitment, a promise and the future is exciting.

Nissan announcement

Further Information on the Non-Renewal of the Col Crawford Nissan Dealer Agreement

As of 31st August Col Crawford ceased to be a Nissan Dealer. After 47 years of representing Nissan (originally known as Datsun), Nissan Motor Company Australia has chosen not to renew our Dealer Agreement. This decision by Nissan has not been performance based. Such as a Manufacturer (Franchisor) can design and have in place in a Dealer Agreement with the current Australian legislation and franchising codes, non-renewal, and in our case the franchisor has simply made the decision not to renew the franchisee’s (Col Crawford’s) term as a Dealer.

Outstanding Service Staff Achievements – 3 Cheers

Cheer 1 – Winners Are Grinners @ Our Honda Service Department. With much pleasure we congratulate 2 of our team members from our Honda Service Department, namely Apprentice Joseph Attana and Technician Joel Marsters. Joseph won the Honda Aust Apprentice Competition for NSW and Joel won the Honda Aust Technician Competition for NSW (2nd year in a row).

We Are On Facebook!

Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars may already be in your garage, but now we want to be parked in your hands with Facebook. Hi, I’m Suzi Crawford the Social Media Co-ordinator for the company. I am looking forward to bringing you lots of exciting updates and promotions across our 8 great car franchises on the Northern Beaches.

LOOK OUT! Apple CarPlay is on its way!

LOOK OUT! Apple CarPlay Has Almost Arrived … Your car used to simply take you from A to B, yet when it gets you home in the future it will be able to turn on your television, put the kettle on, and then download a raft of vehicle software updates while it’s parked in the garage overnight.