Col Crawford Super Saver Used Car Warehouse

The following vehicles are offered for sale from our Used Car Warehouse. We have not prepared them as comprehensively for sale as our used cars that are for sale at our other car yards. These vehicles are deemed good cars for age, model and milage. The vehicle being sold as traded, so you save!!!

  • Col's Super Super Saver

2005 Mercedes-Benz A200

2005 Mercedes-Benz A200 W169 Elegance Maroon 7 Speed CVT Auto Sequential Hatchback $8,990


2006 Mazda 2

2006 Mazda 2 DY MY05 Upgrade Maxx Grey 5 Speed Manual Hatchback $6,490


2006 Toyota Corolla

2006 Toyota Corolla ZZE122R Ascent Sport Seca Blue 4 Speed Automatic Hatchback $8,990

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Used vehicles: These prices are not listed as 'drive away', there are additional government charges that you will need to pay directly to government agencies in addition to the price listed (for example, 3 % Govt. stamp duty & R.T.A. Admin. fee.) Please Note: All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that this information is accurate, complete and up-to-date. If you believe that any information we have displayed is inaccurate, please contact us immediately and we will take all reasonable steps to correct it.

The following vehicles are offered for sale from our Used Car Warehouse. They have been checked through our workshop for any obvious faults and road-worthy compliance. These vehicles are not being offered for sale through Col Crawford's retail Used Car business where extended warranties are offered and cars are reconditioned to the highest of standards. we cannot guarantee that thevehicle does not have other, hard to detect faults nor that it will not develop them in the future.