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A message of congratulations to Tony Rullo from Managing Director – Stephen Crawford.

One of the company’s most favourite staff member and valued employee, Tony Rullo, celebrates 30 years with the company.

When you get a chance, shake Rullo by the hand – wish him well …a big “well done”. What an effort!

How lucky has the company been! Even the thought of putting up with me for 30 years……!! Yes, Tony was 23 and I was 28, myself only starting at Brookvale 3 years earlier.

We have shared a lot in our business life and I take the opportunity to say to Tony what a great asset he has been to me and Col Crawford’s, how important his work and managing the business has been and what a great customer focus he has had.

Probably the biggest accolade I can throw Tony’s way is the reputation he has within BMW Australia. This has been the case over the past 15 odd years. Management of BMW over this period know absolutely how much Tony knows about the business and how well he and his operation performs. It is a stand out that an individual in a dealer network has such a reputation with numerous people within the factory.

Tony has mentored many younger staff at Crawford’s assisting them greatly with their career and in cases, life in general.

Well done mate. What an innings. Thank you so much. I don’t think you and I have another 30 in us but whatever it is, let’s have fun and enjoy the years ahead.

Congratulations Tony Rullo!