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Drive to Survive | A Powerful & Lifesaving Experience

The motto for Ian Luff’s Drive to Survive course says it all – “Saving our most precious resource – Human Life“.

With thanks to Hyundai Australia, we, Col Crawford Hyundai, were able to invite our customers to take part in a program designed to improve driver behaviour as well as developing existing skills, increasing a driver’s knowledge and awareness.

The days program explored various exercises such as defensive driver development allowing our guests to practice and learn in safe controlled conditions.  All done under the watchful eye of  motoring expert Ian Luff and his expert team.

Following the course, our guests had nothing but praise for Ian Luff and his program.

– “WHAT A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!!!!  Words don’t describe the fun and exhilarating experience of the day.  The Presenter Ian Luff and his assistant drivers are exceptional in their enthusiasm and deliverance of their skills.  Wow, never thought I would be practicing driving at 100km an hour and then having to slam on the brakes or miss a parked vehicle and move into the left lane.  Just amazing.  

Thank you Col Crawfords for this powerful and lifesaving experience.  I will be able to pass the knowledge on to my friends and family.”

– “One simple skill was how to have the placement of the side mirrors to so that you avoid any blind spots in your car enabling you to keep your focus forward. Another was to learn how great the ABS and EPS systems are for the safety.  I am certainly pleased that we bought a Hyundai.”

– “Thank you to Col Crawford for inviting me to participate in this event.

It was a most valuable learning session and I came away from it with confidence that it’s quite OK to stamp my foot on the brake pedal if the situation calls for it!”

– “I would like to pass on my thanks to Col Crawford and Hyundai for hosting the Drive to Survive event yesterday.”

” It was a great day and Ian Luff and his team made it fun and most enjoyable whilst at the same time being challenging. Most of us get our licences when we 17 or 18 and off we go with no further training. The Drive to Survive program reinforced a number of core principles of safe driving as well as giving participants an opportunity to challenge themselves by actively participating in driving exercises which really get the heart rate up. These are skills that you cannot practice on a public road. The Hyundai vehicles were a pleasure to drive!”



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