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Hot Topic: In-car arguments fueled by Speeding

A new survey has confirmed what most of us already knew  – speeding is the leading cause of more family motoring rows than anything.

In a survey conducted recently, it has been discovered that speeding is the leading cause of in-car blow ups, with a majority of partners naming heavy footed offenders as a major point of frustration. 

The survey’s results demonstrated that 25% of male participants and 21% of females found speeding most likely to cause an in-car row.


–          Getting lost was the second-most frustrating issue for motorists and their passengers, with 18% of participants irritated by poor navigation.  The survey showed that  80 % of women complained that their partners never checked the route before setting off, compared to 65 % of men who made the same complaint.

–          Tailgating ticked off 13% of the offenders;

–          Road rage in the driver’s seat angered 12% of passengers;

–          Poor parking bugged 5% of participants. 

Other reasons for sparking in-car arguments, were poor music station selections (4.7%), driving too slow (4.5%) and children fighting in the back (3.9%). 

So, in order to experience a hassle-free  journey we know now what to do to avoid arguments when there are other people in the car – drive within the speed limit, plan your trip ahead, remain calm and alert, pack some in car entertainment for the kids…and download some good music!

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