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Manly to Melbourne on a Single Tank

The new SIDI Commodore’s will get you to Melbourne without having to stop to refuel.  In the hot seat for this historical drive was Olympic swimmer, Michael Klim, in the hot seat…click here to view the Michael Klim video.

SIDI stands for Spark Injection Direct Injection,  and with this technology  fuel is injected directly at the spark plug. What that means to you and me, is getting more power with less fuel and fewer emissions – good news for the wallet and the environment.

SIDI will be introduced on all petrol V6 models*, and Holden is the first manufacturer to introduce direct injection technology into locally produced vehicles.

The new SIDI Commodore’s also have 5 star ANCAP safety rating and a new 6-speed automatic, which is standard on all SIDI powertrains. These new vehicles give you all the nice luxuries of a large vehicle with significantly reduced running costs.

The SIDI Commodore’s are available for test drive now at Col Crawford Holden.

The biggest change in Commodore's history - SIDI technology

* Excluding the Omega ute

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