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Mégane Renault Sport wins car of the year

Mégane Renault Sport 250 wins “Drive Car of the Year”…again!

Another year, another win. The Mégane Renault Sport 250 was declared the “Drive Car of the Year” for 2011. Its category, “Best Performance Car under $60k”.

Renault Aus MD announced that the Mégane Renault Sport 250 has been a stand out since it hit the streets, October of last year.  He said ” We were delighted, though not surprised, last year when the Mégane Renault Sport 250 won”….”but to retain the(…) position among a very tough field. There is true depth(…) not just in terms of performance (…) also in terms of it appeal to car enthusiasts”.

Although it may have been a tough competition, the judges agreed that the Mégane Renault Sport 250 won with a unanimous vote, declaring that the engine, its grip, sporty interior and its dramatic looks were the winning factors.

Come into Col Crawford Renault today and see what a winner looks like!

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