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KIA finds it Soul at Col Crawford

When KIA first came to Australia, they were a manufacturer where you sure to get a good quality, low cost car, that was perhaps a little standard around the edges. Not too many bells and whistles, great cars but nothing “designer” about them. Well those days are well and truly over.

Gleneon Sponsorship

Col Crawford is a proud sponsor of Gleneon Retirement Village at Belrose, commencing in 2009, with a fun year of events planned. Every quarter the Village holds a themed dinner, with the March dinner being Birthday, so Col Crawford happily supplied “pass the parcel” prizes, chocolate goody bags plus some wonderful lucky door prizes!

Car Fleet

Hi there and welcome to the Redline Fleet eNewsletter from Col Crawford Lifestyle Cars.

As a valued business associate we have put together this specialised eNewsletter to keep you informed and provide you with a range of specials and opportunities to meet your Fleet needs.

The all new Renault Laguna

The all new Renault Laguna. Is it possible for beauty and technology to coexist in perfect harmony? Col Crawford Renault would like to invite you to be among the first people in Australia to discover that they can. Introducing the all new Laguna – a vehicle that effortlessly unites the aesthetic and technologically innovative. Complimenting the launch of the all new Laguna will be a test drive event on Saturday 28 June, 2008 and a free gourmet BBQ lunch.

The new BMW Z4 is here

The new BMW Z4 is causing ripples all over the Northern Beaches, and we welcome it to Col Crawford BMW. Summed up by BMW HQ as More freedom. More elegance. More roadster – we couldn’t agree more.