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RAIN, RAIN, GO AWAY…Col Crawford 2011 BMW Golf Cup Qualifier

After holding our breath for 2-weeks of rain leading up to our Qualifying Round of the 2011 BMW Golf Cup, it was with great relief that the day went ahead, with a mere spattering of light rain 30 minutes from the finishing line, last Tuesday at Cromer Golf Club.  Unfortunately, there were no carts allowed on the course (nor BMW display cars) due to the very wet nature of the fairways, which meant a few last minute cancellations.  But for the 85 players who were OK to walk the course, a great day was enjoyed by all!

In my opinion, from one who has become a golf tragic in the last six years or so, I know only too well that Cromer is a somewhat challenging course – to put it mildly!  Cromer is a championship course, redesigned a few years ago by leading course architect, James Wilcher.  Tuesday’s conditions, with the wet ground and a ‘chemical reaction’ problem with the greens (which had happened only days before our event), didn’t show the course at its best and I’m truly sorry about this.  However, I know that if our three winners can play that well at Cromer under those conditions, it’s a pretty good bet that they will handle The Royal Melbourne Golf Course just as well, for the National Final in November.  And I will be there cheering them on!

Congratulations to all of our trophy winners:

Men’s A Grade

  1. John Russo – Terrey Hills – 34 pts
  2. Chris Freeman – Terrey Hills – 32 pts
  3. John Karren – Mona Vale – 30 pts

Men’s B Grade

  1. Murray Rowe – Long Reef – 41pts
  2. Wensley Carroll – Terrey Hills – 35pts
  3. Peter O’Toole – Cromer – 35pts

Ladies Grade

  1. Fiona Griffiths – Elanora – 36pts
  2. Pamela Pain – Cromer – 31pts
  3. Jenny Pas – Russell Vale – 29pts

Men’s Longest Drive

Saif Buhari

Ladies Longest Drive

Louise Stevenson

I was very pleased to be awarded for the “Social Ladies Nearest To Pin” prize-winner.  The fact that I was the only “Social Lady” in the field, after some of the other girls cancelled, is merely a small fact, which really need not be mentioned.  Let’s face it; I am a registered golfer with a current Australian certified golf handicap and a member of a golf club AND I own a Col Crawford BMW (OK, I don’t really “own” it….I just borrow it).  So, the only reason I am not eligible to play in the “official” BMW Golf Cup Tournament and have to be on the “Social” list is because I am related to Steve…..And isn’t that punishment enough??!!

I feel that my NTP mention was well deserved, for the pure fact that I actually landed on the green on the 18th with one shot.  This is a tricky little hole and it is quite possible that your shot from the tee can land you in one of many surrounding gardens, a hazard across the fairway, a hazard to the left of the fairway – which runs right around the left side of the green, a hazard to the right of the fairway, a bunker on the right, a second bunker on the right or a 3rd bunker on the right.  You can manage to avoid all of these challenges, but still hit one of the many tall trees on the right, which can – on a good day – put you back onto the fairway, which may put you onto the green for your 2nd shot; but which can (on a bad day) just as easily put you into one of the many hazards or bunkers aforementioned.  If you hit one of those few and far between “blitzes”, you can also over-shoot the green altogether.  So, on some days, you will find yourself on the green for 2 (on an ordinary day) or 3 or even 4 (on a bad day) if you have to take a penalty to drop out from one of the hazards.  And let’s not get started on the putting – because, really, if you’re on the green for 4 it’s probably another wipe!!

So, I think to be “somewhere on the green” for one shot deserves the NTP mention – Social game or otherwise!!  The fact that Steve then reneged on presenting me with the “Social Ladies Longest Drive” is something I have not yet had a chance to take up with him…. and as I think I’ve already gone over my “word allowance” for this blog, I won’t even start on what can happen to you as you come up the 8th towards the clubhouse…. and it’s usually while everyone is looking out the window!

Thanks for joining us.  We look forward to seeing you at the dealership….or on the golf course, soon.

Happy motoring / golfing.

Carol Crawford

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