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Renault Koleos travels the outback

Renault Koleos conquers the Australian Outback

The fantastic Koleos recent advertising campaign told us that the Renault Koleos was built for the Australian outback – and now we have firsthand proof! (not that we ever had any doubt)  Col Crawford customer, Dick Clarke is currently somewhere on the Nullabor part way through his great Aussie trip – with his lovingly named Kolly the Koleos. He has contacted us with his trip so far – and to boast how well the Koleos is handling the harsh Aussie outback conditions.

Photo opp!! The Pentecost River Crossing.

Commencing from Sydney, Dick has wound his way through South Australia, Northern Territory and Western Australia – encountering a far bit of rain which the Koleos has handled admirably – it has even been towing other lesser vehicles to safety.

Dick sums it up well – Renault Koleos – Fantastic offroader!

Please click here for his range of images on his amazing trip or click on an image for a quick slideshow.

Before and after the rain shows the different colours of the country

17,000km – 7.7Lites/ 100km fuel fully loaded!

Handy tow-hooks for drying out smelly crab claws (and pulling out stuck Toyotas)

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