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Stay Safe During April School Holidays!

Our Top 5 Vehicle Maintenance ‘Must Do’s’ from the Col Crawford Service Experts…. With April School Holidays commencing TODAY, for those planning a family ‘road trip’, ensuring your car is in order mechanically puts your safety first and can save you a lot of heartache (& money) if something went amiss along the way.

Follow our Top 5 vehicle maintenance checks to keep your car in perfect order between scheduled services. Special thanks to Andy Chloupek of our Brookvale Service Department for the tips. Andy has been with us for 10 years and is a Renault Master Technician and Nissan GT-R Technician. Your professionalism and expertise with your job role (& this post) is much appreciated!!

Check 1: Tyre Pressure – as a guide aim for 32psi for passenger vehicles but do check your owner’s manual for specifics. Tyre pressure can be checked at your local service station.
Check 2: Engine Fluids – focus on oil, coolant and windscreen washer fluid, making sure levels are topped up.
Check 3: Condition of your windscreen wipers – they may need new rubber inserts or new blades.
Check 4: Check all lights are working – Front headlights and rear tail/ brake lights are a must.
Check 5: Air-conditioning – a must on a long trip. Comfort is No. 1.

For scheduled or major servicing needs, please don’t hesitate to contact our Service Departments.  Choose between Brookvale on 9941 1600 & Narrabeen on 9999 9007.  BMW Service can be contacted on 9941 1290.  Honda Service can be contacted on 9941 1530.  For convenience, bookings can also be made on-line by visiting: Book A Service Online

Enjoy the holidays and make the most of the car trip by being prepared and having peace of mind. Safe travels and motoring.


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