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Why I love my Koleos

by Mindy Fogarty, Marketing Manager Col Crawford & proud Renault Koleos owner…I may spend a lot of my waking hours in the world of cars, but I am not a car person. They don’t make me excited. And although my knowledge now includes a rudimentary explanation on what torque is, I don’t still don’t get it. Which makes it strange that I have found love – with my car – the mighty Renault Koleos.  I first came into contact with the Koleos when I took one home for our local journo from the Manly Daily to review – who also raved about it. The husband took an instant liking to it.

Finally it was time to replace the 14 year old battler. Many models were on the shortlist, then compared and trialled – remember I have a whole 11 franchise dealership to choose from so there was a lot of choice – but in our minds there was a clear winner.

I think it is the best looking SUV around.  I enjoy comparing it to others when we are parked, and it just looks good. There is nothing weird or detracting about it yet it stands out. Inside, nothing feel plasticy or cheap. I’m comfy, the back has heaps of room. And it’s lovely to drive.

My husband goes on about how good the steering wheel is – boys get this – I don’t but will agree it’s nice. We drove from Manly to Dubbo on half a tank of petrol. It’s so easy to park. It has heaps of standard features that you only usually see on the luxury German marquees.

koleos showing off its oodles of storage space

But for me it’s the little things……..
I have a chilled glovebox, that keeps my water bottles and lunches cool.
My nephews and nieces love the tray tables in the back – just like an aeroplane – which makes me the coolest Auntie (at least for a little while)
I unfortunately am I classic virgo, so I can’t help my need to organise and store things. In my Koleos I have storage in my doors, cup holders, sunglass holder, wallet holder, under floor storage in the back (perfect for hiding sneaky purchases)
We can easily put the bikes in the back without having to dismantle them.
It has an automatic handbrake – hill starts are no longer a problem.
My wipers go on when it starts raining and adjust to how heavy it is.
When it gets dark or I go in a carpark my headlights go on automatically.
I push a button to start it and stop it.
My mirrors tuck in with the touch of a button.
The drink holders don’t spill drinks.
Music sounds great.
I can have it warm on my side, husband can have it cool on his.
The seats fold down to amek an amazing amonut of room.
I can get a tent for it if I want.

My ‘wings” tucking in


So take my musings on my Koleos however you like but we have had ours for a year and a half now and have zero complaints ….or maybe one….the new version has in-built sat nav and the communications centre – I want it!!

Under floor storage is perfect for getting ‘sneaky purchases” home!Oodles of storage – we put our bikes in no problem

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