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WOW…What an evening for Women on Wheels

The rain may have been coming down in bucket loads, but that didn’t deter our enthusiastic guests from turning up to our Women on Wheels night at Col Crawford Holden Service.

The driveway resembled that of a showroom floor with an assortment of Holden’s (and Nissan’s) lined up.  The ladies were welcomed with a nice hot coffee and tea to start the evening.

Checking out the chassis

Joanne, from Women on Wheels, called our guests into the impeccably clean workshop for the registration and to introduce the ladies to Jason and his team of technicians.

Groups of 5 were formed and sent to each of the 5 demonstration bays.  Cars on hoists. Cars with flat tyres. Some with no tyres. Some with no oil and others with no coolant. Cars with flat batteries.  All ready to be diagnosed, assessed, changed and pumped.  Air filters, all wheel drive, circuits, “diffs“, tread wear, torque, brake pads, traction control,  and many other mechanics of the car were explained in a very relaxed manner.

The technicians were on hand to demonstrate and allow for the ladies to try their luck at changing the wheels, adding coolant, checking oil, checking tyre pressure and some even went as far as realising a blown fuse and how to change it.  The technicians may find themselves out of a job at this rate.





Joanne was a fantastic host and  really ensured the content of each workshop was presented clearly and in “women’s” language. It was a great night – very informative and left everyone feeling a lot more confident and more car aware.

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