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Your new BMW has mail.

Most of us have probably had a close call  trying to text or email while driving. We all know how dangerous it is (not to mention illegal) but these days we need to be connected.  Enter BMW’s latest version of its iDrive system that incorpoates email compatability and internet connectivity. Intially it will work with the latest BlackBerry pearl range, which will use the Bluetooth connection to synchronise your emails, but being BMW it of course goes the extra mile.

Insetad of  snapping you head from road to lap in an attempt to read your latest emails the system will be able to read aloud the email utilsing the car’s stero.

And yes there is more.  It also allows you to surf the net all from the drivers seat.

The new BMW  iDrive system, with internet connectivity and email capability is available from September build. Contact iDrive specialist, Tom Nolan at  Col Crawford for more info.

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